Monstro 8K VV: RED's new full-frame 8K sensor

Check out this review from RedShark News on the new full-frame 8K sense by RED. The new MONSTRO 8K VV is full frame, 8K and is an "evolutionary" step beyond the DRAGON 8K VV sensor. It will capture 8K at up to 60 fps.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

RedShark's view This announcement shows RED consolidating its position as the current masters of 8K cinematography. It's a show of confidence in this super high resolution format that sends an important message to the industry: 8K full frame cinema acquisition is a practical proposition. It's worth taking a reality check here. We have genuinely reached a stage where a video camera can create images in which every frame has as much detail as all but a few high-end professional still cameras, and where the ability to work with rich, detailed and accurate material with sixteen times the resolution of HD is almost routine. This is truly a staggering achievement. Click here to read the full article on RedShark News

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