More Details on the Convergent Design Odyssey Codecs and Pricing. by Allister Chapman

Following feedback from NAB Convergent Design decoded to make some changes to the pricing of the Odyssey7 and Odyssey 7Q. In case you haven’t already heard about these devices they are 7? OLED monitors that also have the ability to record to onboard SSD’s. Originally the Odyssey units were not going to include any recording capability as standard. All the recording options were going to be paid for updates or available for short term rental. However Convergent Design have now decided to include the ability to record using Avid’s DNxHD codec within the original price of $1295 for the Odyssey 7 and $2295 for the more advanced 7Q. There is however a small catch. In order to use the “free” codec options you must use a Convergent Design supplied SSD.

The Convergent Design SSD’s are more expensive than most off-the-shelf SSD’s but they are tested and certified to work with the Odyssey and some of the very fastest SSD’s available today.

Initially, this means that the Avid DNxHD codec, Avid DNxHD-36, -100, -145, -220 (8-Bit) and 220x (10-Bit) will be included). Advanced recording options such as Raw will now only be available on the 7Q.

Note: All prices are quoted as United States prices.
Prices around the world have to be different due to shipping, customs import fees, other taxes, and exchange rates.

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