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Digital Production Buzz by Philip Hodgetts The one message that Avid wanted to make loud and clear at the "New Thinking" event held at the Universal Studios Globe Theater, April 8th, was the at they are "committed to customers". We heard that clearly from the Executive VP in charge of the video division, Kirk Arnold, who hosted the evening, and we heard it from every Avid employee featured in their video presentations. Repeatedly. If they deliver only half of the enthusiasm and customer focus they claim to be passionate about - as passionate about the customer needs as the customer - then Avid is due for a stronger future than their recent past. As well as Kirk Arnold, Gary Greenfield, the new CEO at Avid, took to the stage to explain that, as well as the announcements made on March 17, Avid have appointed a "Vice President of Customer Success" to underpin clearly that Avid understands that its success is dependent on the success of its customers. He continued to note that they have created a consolidated education unit to better support the education market (and their future customers) and that OS X and Vista were to be a first-class citizens in the Avid world, moving forward equally and in step. He continued by addressing a long-standing annoyance to Avid customers: better integration between Avid's Digidesign audio product (ProTools) and the Media Composer video production. Kirk Arnold then introduced Senior Product Specialist Matt Feury who, after a mildly amusing AMP (Avid Media Processor - an old product) joke involving warm beer, went on to discuss their new DX hardware product range. Unlike earlier speculation that Avid would move to an "industry standard" open hardware solution, they have introduced new Avid hardware at improved price/performance ratios than previously. read more...

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