More thoughts on Avid's Aquisition of Pinnacle

The Avid-Pinnacle Puzzle Computer Graphics World by Jeff Sauer avid pinnacle For someone who’s been following the digital video industry for a long time, Avid’s recent agreement to purchase Pinnacle Systems feels like a blockbuster. These are two of the biggest competitors in the business, and it’s video-editing’s equivalent to Daimler-Benz buying Chrysler or HP buying Compaq. On the surface, it’s a merger of editing product lines that might suggest a dramatic reduction in customer choices. But there’s more to the story. First of all, the digital video industry doesn’t make mass-market cars or computers, but rather specialized tools for a specific craft. And more significant, digital video may be a growth industry, but it’s not growing fast enough to support all of its pioneers. read more... Avid Acquires Pinnacle Systems Video Systems By Bob Turner LE6 BOBOne of the largest postproduction manufacturers acquired one of its biggest competitors last month. How will this affect the industry at large? What will become of Pinnacle products such as Liquid Edition? One option for Avid may be offering Pinnacle’s products as solutions for lower-end segments of the market. read more...

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