MOTU Ships Windows Drivers for V3HD FireWire Video Interface

Motu V3HDMOTU, Inc. is now shipping Windows support for the V3HD FireWire video interface and converter. Users can download the new PC drivers and software at, giving them immediate and complete compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Version 3.1 or higher) running on Windows XP or Vista (32). "The V3HD is a one-of-kind I/O device for Premiere Pro CS3 Windows users," said Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing for MOTU. "With plug-and-play FireWire connectivity, hardware-accelerated P2 capture and comprehensive I/O, the V3HD sets a new standard for video capture and monitoring for Premiere users." The V3HD is the first and only video capture/playback solution for Premiere Pro CS3 that provides hardware-accelerated DVCProHD (P2) capture from any HD video input, including HD component or HD-SDI sources. The V3HD dovetails with the new P2 workflow features recently introduced in Premiere Pro CS3, allowing users to immediately play back P2 clips (either imported or ingested) on a variety of SD and HD formats simultaneously, with no transcoding necessary. Conversely, the V3HD allows Premiere Pro users to capture any video source, either SD or HD, while simultaneously employing hardware-accelerated encoding and up/down conversion, in the following supported formats: uncompressed SD (standard AVI clips), DV, DVCPRo50 and DVCproHD. The V3HD is also the first and only all-in-one capture/playback solution for Premiere that provides both SD and HD capture over FireWire, allowing Premiere users for the first time to build comprehensive, yet compact and portable desktop workstations based on PC laptops or notebook computers equipped with FireWire, without the need for separate PCI expansion products. Advanced features include an "Export to Tape" feature that allows users to lay back clips, or an entire project, to a tape deck using the V3HD's extensive machine control features. The V3HD also supports Premiere Pro's Batch Capture features. The V3HD Windows support download package is now available here. Click here for Videoguy's exclusive Motu V3HD bundles with Adobe Production Premium CS3

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