Mourning the Loss of Adobe in My Video Workflow

DV Fanatics by James Burke

Back in June, I wrote about My Problem with Adobe Creative Cloud. Now that Adobe has become a subscription-only software product, I have had to come to terms with the fact that the Adobe Master Collection CS6 may be my last version. Don't get me wrong, I still think Adobe makes great software, but their new licensing model has made it impractical to maintain.

It has always been nice to pay once and use the software whenever I need it, for however long I want to, but those days have come to an end. If I need to use any Adobe software for a day, I have to pay for a month.

Hey Adobe, why can't you follow the example set by GenArts? For those of you unfamiliar with GenArts, they build high-end visual effects plugins for all of the major editing and effects applications. GenArts started the whole rental model concept way before Adobe, but they give customers an option. You can either buy or rent their software. The key is offering your valued customers a choice.

I've read articles that claim that the subscription model may have an effect on the hobbyists who use Adobe, but not necessarily the professionals. I have to disagree, I'm a freelance video professional, and it is not practical for me to subscribe. It most likely won't have an effect on all of the large post production facilities. It's the freelancers who will be affected the most. This includes video freelancers, graphic freelancers and web freelancers as well. read more...

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