Move Over HV20, Here Comes the Canon HV30 by Michael Perlman HV30Today at CES, Canon announced the Vixia HV30 ($999 MSRP), the replacement for the popular HV20. The new HDV camcorder features an all-black design, a multi-angle Vivid LCD screen, and the ability to capture in 30P mode. Canon now offers a total of five camcorders in their newly christened “Vixia† high definition line-up. “With the exception of those features, the product is the same as the HV20. Is it a revolutionary product? No. But it’s a very strong product as the HV20 was a very strong product and we added just a couple of features†¦to make it even more attractive to a wider range of consumers,† said Mitchell Glick, assistant manager of Product Marketing, Consumer Division for Canon USA. The HV20 was the recipient of four CamInfo Select Awards, including Camcorder of the Year. The HV30’s ability to shoot in 30P is likely the most compelling upgrade. Not only will this add a new option for those who want an option beyond 60i and 24P. Canon has marketed this as a feature that online video producers can take advantage of. Most video sharing sites down-convert the frame rate to 15fps, which can lead to a choppy image. Footage shot at 30fps can be neatly halved, unlike other frame rates. Canon has also improved the zoom toggle on the new HV30, which was found to be small on the HV20. read more...

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