Multi-camera Live Streaming with LiveU Solo

Here's an article from an expert on LiveU Solo encoders reposted from LiveU. LiveU's Solo encoders use cellular bonding and LRT technology to create loss-less streaming with or without an ethernet connection. From LiveU's blog

...“Can you use Solo for a multiple camera shoot?” Although Solo uses a single connection (HDMI or SDI) and is typically used with one camera source for one stream, you can use Solo for a multiple camera shoot. How? Solo provides the same video transport and reliable bandwidth, whether you are taking a feed directly from a single camera or a produced feed from a switcher.

What are your options?

Today, switchers can either be hardware or software-based and allow you to monitor, record, switch and edit multiple live video feeds. Because of this, producers can facilitate a multi-cam shoot and even include additional elements like graphics, text, and video clips in real-time from pretty much anywhere - even outside the studio. Adding Solo into the workflow means that you don't need to worry about bandwidth when you are in locations with less than stellar infrastructure. Features and costs range widely, so make sure you do enough research before you choose. Here are some of the multi-camera switching solutions for different budgets that integrate really well with Solo...

...SlingStudio is a physical system that pulls multiple camera sources into the SlingStudio Hub via Wi-Fi. A ton of features are then at your disposal to produce your content. You can connect any video source including phones and tablets, but you can also use cameras too. Sling offers a Camera Link that connects to the camera and sends the video to the Sling Hub. The SlingStudio app "talks" to the hub and shows you your feeds. You use the app to switch feeds and do all sorts of cool live production elements. Solo simply connects to the Sling Hub via an HDMI connection and streams wirelessly to your destination. Again, you have dedicated, reliable bandwidth for your live stream with Solo and aren't limited to the same Wi-Fi network you are using for the Sling Studio set up...

...Bottom line. Your confirmed budget and the desired features you want play a big role in deciding which switching solution is right for you and your multi-camera production needs. Regardless, Solo will be a valuable part of your workflow for bandwidth redundancy and high-quality video streams that won't buffer or crash. Just make sure the solution you choose can provide the finished feed out via HDMI (or SDI if you have that version of Solo) and Solo can integrate into any production to provide reliable, high-quality video transmission to any more

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