Multicam Live Streaming with Yolobox Pro

The YoloBox Pro is a great addition to the YoloBox Product family with expanded capabilities to support productions of larger sizes. The YoloBox Pro allows for three HDMI camera sources, as well as USB and USB-C inputs. Recently, posted a great video showing off how to stream with YoloBox Pro.

Check out this video from to learn more:

Streaming Media’s Anthony Burokas provides a walkthrough of Android tablet-based multicam livestreaming Yololiv’s YoloBox and Yolobox Pro.

“Together, the Yolobox Basic and Pro have very similar feature sets, very similar capabilities, identical overlays, the same audio mixing, the same scoreboards, same titles, same settings. They have the same capabilities in terms of SD card, SIM card slot, power button, internal batteries, ethernet port, etc. I love the fact they picked the large SD card, not micro SD, which is a pain to get in and out of devices. I love having the large card size on the bottom of these devices.
Overall, I am very impressed with the Yolobox. It’s a good thing already, and it has even greater potential. Plus, I can see the team behind it is committed to making it better.”

Check out the Video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about YoloLiv HERE.


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