Multicam Roundup: Part 1

DCP By Jan Ozer Putting NLE multicam features to the test. Most video producers would agree — you can't be too skinny, too rich, or have too many camera angles. Though multicamera shoots can be a logistical challenge, the ability to switch to different angles while editing almost always justifies the effort. It wasn't that long ago that you had to edit those multiple streams by hand — line up the tracks on the timeline, synchronize the streams, and cut away the video you didn't want. Today, most NLEs, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Avid Xpress Pro HD, have native controls for handling multiple cameras, while Sony Vegas has a well proven third-party plug-in from VASST. To a degree, the features are very similar. You capture and then synch your clips, usually via mark-in and mark-out markers on the timeline or timecode. Then you display the grouped sequences in some kind of multicam interface that lets you choose among the angles. The first time you use the tools, you'll be exhilarated by the time savings. read more...

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