Music video editor switches to Adobe Premiere Pro for Red Hot Chili Peppers video

PVC by Kathy Charneco

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Brendan’s Death Song,” and the accompanying music video directed by Marc Klasfield are a fitting tribute to a friend of the band and icon to the music scene, Brendan Mullen. The song is part of the Chili Peppers’ latest album, I’m with You. Editor Bill Yukich of Sunset Edit in Los Angeles—known for his work on music videos for renowned talents such as Maroon 5 and Foo Fighters—sat down with Adobe to share his experience switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software to edit the Grammy Award winning band’s new music video.

Adobe: What’s the story behind the video for “Brendan’s Death Song?”

Yukich: Brendan Mullen, an early friend of the Peppers’, passed away after suffering a stroke a few days after his 60th birthday. When the band heard of his death, they started jamming right away, just pouring out their thoughts and feelings without a lot of rehearsal or preamble. The song is a tribute to Mullen, who supported them and offered them gigs in their early days in L.A. before anyone knew who they were. Although it is a song about death, it’s really more of a celebration of Mullen’s life and accomplishments. The goal with the video was to do the same—pay homage to the man, acknowledge his death, but celebrate his life. The concept of the video is a jazz funeral, set in New Orleans. It’s shot on 16mm film, which you don’t see much of anymore. But it gives it an amazing look and a really organic feel that you can’t achieve with digital HD.

Adobe: What was Sunset Edit’s role?

Yukich: Sunset Edit was the post-production facility used for the video. This was a pure non-linear video-editing project. It was originally shot on ARRI cameras, and most of the effects were created in-camera versus being created later during post-production. New Hat in Santa Monica digitized the 16mm footage from the ARRI into a digital format we could use to start editing. read more...

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