Must See Technology on Display by Epiphan

We've only been selling Epiphan encoders and capture devices for a few months, but they are a hit with our custoeemrs. Back in June at Infocomm the Epiphan Video booth a must-see for attendees and a smashing success for us as a company. They introduced the low cost USB3 HDMI H.264 capture device and the latest firmwar upgrade for the award winning Epiphan Pearl multiple input, encoding and recording appliance.
Epiphan by Victor Doubrovine Even though the curtains of Infocomm 2015 have come to a close, there is still a lingering buzz in the office air as we reflect on our incredible experience at the popular AV tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. Social_Infocomm2015_GrabbersSimple, flexible video capture: Meet HD HD is a UVC-based device – which means it uses drivers already built into your computer, exactly like how a webcam works. The driverless nature of HD sets it apart from other similar grabbers, such as our DVI2USB 3.0 device, in that it offers fully automated video capture. That’s right – it takes care of all the capture configuration so you don’t have to worry. Perfect for video capture users who want a flexible, portable and easy to use grabber solution and who don’t mind giving up detailed configuration options. All of this for $350. Not bad! Social_Infocomm2015_PearlPearl’s powerful new upgrade Pearl has risen in popularity to become one of our best-selling products, and its latest upgrades served to help solidify its status as a powerful, professional AV solution. Pearl is now officially a live production switcher, proving itself to be a perfect all-in-one solution for professional live video production and streaming. We also gave Pearl’s hardware a bit of refresh, adding a headphone jack for live audio monitoring. read more...

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