My 5 favorite things from the upcoming Adobe Premiere Pro release

PVC by Scott Simmons

I'm sure there will be more to like but these things really caught my eye

Big, happy news came to light yesterday for most all Adobe Premiere Pro users out there; that is happy news for those who are on the Creative Cloud subscription model. The news came in the form of the announcement of another big update to PPro that should hit in October and bring a ton of new features to now just Premiere but also After Effects, SpeedGrade, Prelude and Media Encoder. No mention has been made of Audition (or Encore for that matter but Encore never made it to CC). Read on for analysis of some of these features.

This is some rather rapid development that we’ve been seeing in the Adobe products since the controversial release of the Creative Cloud. That was one thing that Adobe promised and they have been delivering (they're neck and neck with Apple's FCPX team!). From the Premiere standpoint of this controversy, I believe they have been delivering not just because they want to make good on the promise of the CC subscription model but because they taking their commitment to making Premiere Pro CC the best NLE out there very seriously. That is good for us editors.

While we’re on the topic of the Creative Cloud subscription model though … did you see this new $9.99 Photoshop Photography Program Adobe is offering that includes Photoshop and Lightroom as the two main apps? We’re still waiting for a similar program with only the video apps.

Here’s my 5 favorite features I found after digging through yesterday’s announcements. Where there is an accompanying video I’ve embedded that as well so be sure and watch through them for more details. read more...

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