My Top 5 Avid Media Composer shortcuts

Post Perspective by Brady Betzel

During my four years as an assistant editor and my two as an editor, almost all of my full-time editing work has been on the Avid Media Composer or Symphony.

Over the years I have collected a few shortcuts that I love to use and wanted to share. I hope you find them helpful.

Replacing the default ?A? + ?S? Go to Next/Previous Edit with Fast Forward and Rewind
When you open the default keyboard settings in Avid Media Composer, ?A? and ?S? are used as Go to Next and Go to Previous edit. While this serves its purpose of going to the next edit in the timeline and going into Trim Mode, I prefer it to be used to just jump to the next edit (regardless of which track is selected) and not go into Trim Mode. To do this you need to go into the Command Pallette (Tools > Command Pallette or CTRL + 3 or CMND + 3). You should also have the keyboard layout open (under settings in the project window > Keyboard).

In the Command Palette under ?Move? you will find Fast Forward and Rewind. Click button-to-button reassignment on the bottom and click and drag Rewind and Fast Forward over ?A? and ?S,? respectively. In addition if you want the playhead to stop only at the head, only at the tail, at markers, ignore which track you have selected when forwarding to edits, or a combination of any of those, you need to enable it under the Composer Settings > FF/Rew. I love to ignore track selectors because then you fast forward to the next edit point regardless of what track is enabled or selected.

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