NAB 06 By Trevor Boyer, Barry Braverman, Dan Ochiva, Jan Ozer, Jem Schofield, and Jeff Sauer NAB06Who knew the future of digital media involved so much window, er, booth shopping? Of course, educated tire kicking is the main reason everyone shows up at NAB, with many companies and individuals using the show's many product launches to make their buying plans. If you walk the aisles, it's easy enough to see the prime role of digital technology, from production through distribution. You just may agree that the National Association of Bitcasters might be the more appropriate moniker for today's convention. Some of the big themes we'll be keeping our eyes on? How about the initial user reactions upon this first complete generation of HDV and HD camcorders from the major vendors? Plenty of us have been waiting: Both Sony and Panasonic state that their latest camcorders have quickly become their hottest-selling camcorder products ever. NAB 2006 is also the first time three of the major NLE makers—Adobe, Apple, and Avid—will go head to head with their all-in-one production suites. We'll be interested to see if Apple and Avid pick up on Adobe's challenge to deliver a highly interactive post process, one that treats separate programs as a complete package for today's format-agnostic digital content creation workflow. read more...

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