NAB 2007 Hot Product: Red Giant’s Magic Bullet

DMN By David BasultoRed Giant As I made my way to the NAB 2007 “Plug in Pavilion† I saw a huge crowd forming around the Red Giant Software booth. I have been a Red Giant Software product user for years. They are one of my favorite companies. As I got closer to the booth I saw one of the reasons for the crowd. Stu Maschwitz, effects guru and co-founder of The Orphanage was there holding court. Maschwitz is the original developer and brains behind Magic Bullet. At the Pavilion, he demo’d the new Magic Bullet for 2007. When I used Magic Bullet on my first film, Death Clique, I immediately made the plug-in a permanent part of my toolbox. It was able to add the look and feel of a high dollar feature film to my MiniDV horror. And the best part? It was extremely easy to use. Maschwitz was looking for a solution to make digital video content look more filmic. Since he couldn’t find what he needed from the solutions on the market, he created his own. read more...

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