NAB 2008: Plugged In

ProVideo Coalition Creating Motion Graphics by Chris & Trish Meyer
We came away with three themes buzzing in our head: plug-ins, training, and Nuke.
As expected, NAB 2008 did not reveal any major new software releases for motion graphic designers, but it did showcase a number of interesting new plug-ins. We’d like to give you a quick round-up of our favorites here; we’re arranging to give many of these more in-depth reviews up here on PVC over the next several months. We also were very interested in with what The Foundry has done with the high-end compositing application Nuke (which they acquired from Digital Domain), and came away with the impression that in this slow economy, training has become more important again. Noise Industries FxFactory Perhaps most intriguing wasn’t a new plug-in, but a currently-existing set which is coming to the After Effects world. Noise Industries is better known to the Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion audience as creator of FxFactory Pro, a set of over 130 GPU-accelerated filters, generators, and transitions which take advantage of Apple’s Quartz Composer technology and their FxPlug specification. DigiEffects Returns One of the earliest plug-in manufacturers for After Effects was DigiEffects, perhaps best known for their Cinelook film treatment effect which pre-dated Magic Bullet and its brethren. The DigiEffects plug-ins were always interesting, but unfortunately also tended to be a tad slow and unstable. read more...

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