NAB 2013: Adobe After Effects CC

HDVideoPro by Clint Milby

Prior to NAB 2013, we had the chance to visit Adobe Headquarters in San Jose and get an overview of the new Creative Cloud, including After Effects CC. At NAB, we were treated to a private meeting with Steve Forde, Sr. Product Manager for After Effects CC, who gave us an up close and personal look at what we can expect in the latest version.

Refine Edge – Next Level RotoScoping

Forde breaks down just how easy it is to cut out complicated backgrounds at blazing speed.

It’s clear the team at Adobe has put in some serious time developing Refine Edge, as the once painfully long and arduous task of rotoscoping is reduced to a few seconds. Check out the video to watch him change a mountainous background to wooded plains without affecting the foreground action at all.

Maxon’s Cinema 4D Lite

Just like the Cycore plug-ins such as CC Light Sweep (which comes standard with After Effects), the new Maxon Cineware is a fully functional, limited version of Cinema 4D. This allows you to animate 3D objects using Maxon’s technology without ever leaving After Effects. Check out the video for a full demo of just how well this seamless integration works.

Creative Cloud

By now, your probably aware that Adobe is moving away from a box product to being a purely subscription process. I’ve actually been using the subscription service myself for the past year, and I can tell you as a long time Adobe user (Since 97), CS6 Creative Cloud has been the most pleasurable software experience I’ve had. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the updates for all of the products of the suite come at lighting speed. In the past, you paid for Adobe’s production suite outright, and they then had your money for what may be two years or more. read more...

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