NAB 2013: Avid Everywhere

Creative COW by Debra Kaufman

"Avid Everywhere" was the core of this Burlington, Massachusetts-based company's message and meaning at NAB 2013. As a strategy moving forward, Avid Everywhere signifies an end-to-end workflow from input to output that acknowledges the increasing ways that media is created, distributed and consumed.

This year's new product introductions were made by the new Avid President/CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr., a board member for five years and lead director for the last 18 months. Hernandez was previously Chairman/CEO of Open Solutions, a financial services technology provider.

"I like Avid's huge install base, the emotionally engaged client base and a technology platform with a rich heritage combined with innovative technologies," said Hernandez, enumerating why taking the lead position at Avid appealed to him.

"The industry is changing quite a bit in how content is created and distributed, and we now have an opportunity to directly connect two people -- the creator and the enjoyer -- in many ways," he continued. "Though we have historically been on the editorial, creative side, we want to control and participate in everything from creation to consumption." Hernandez noted a second trend: how consumers pick when and how to consume content. "These two macro trends are changing our clients' work and they need to address it without spending a lot more money," he said.

Avid unveiled a new version of Media Composer that features a faster and simpler file-based workflow with optimized HD delivery from high-res sources and automated media operations. Now, media linked via AMA media management can be treated as native Avid media, thus taking advantage of a suite of media management tools. Dynamic media folders also speed up and simplify AMA media management, automatically and in the background. The FrameFlex tool and LUT support allows the user to ingest 2K, 4K and 5K media with real-time color space conversion and deliver content directly to HD. read more...

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