NAB 2013: Matrox Announces Line of Updated Products

doddlemeNEWS by James DeRuvo

Matrox is set to announce and showcase a list of cool video capture products that will not only provide for multiple viewer supports and scan conversion, but also streaming production for live video on the web. Let’s take a look at what’s coming to NAB:

First, there’s the Matrox VS4, their live streaming production card which uses quad HD capture and ISO recording for Telestream Wirecast on the Windows platform. You need a free PCIe slot, but Matrox can get four independent HD inputs and 8 embedded audio channels for each source. And not only that, but users can not only stream live via Wirecast, but can record all original video to disk simultaneously! YIKES.

Next comes the Matrox MicroQuad, a four channel SDI-HDMI multiviewer which enables multiple SDI views on a single monitor with 10-bit scaling and artifact free viewing. And it can be controlled via a Windows app. Windows? Really?

Matrox is also adding a cost effective DVI Scan Converter with the DVI Plus, which lets broadcasts include concent from computers and iOS devices into live news feeds. It’s great for doing interviews with people via Skype, YouTube or Google Hangouts, Facetime, even Google Earth for geo-graphics. The DVI plus can also be used to drive projectors and live displays at live events like church services and athletic competitions.

Matrox also provides I/O devices for editing and live streaming including the MXO2 LE MAX, which provides broadcast-quality input, output and monitoring for leading editing apps from Adobe, Apple and Avid. And it streams to the web via H.264 encoding and can capture via Wirecast – all in one portable breakout box. read more...

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