NAB 2013: Matrox shows standalone streamer/recorder appliance

PVC by Allan Tepper

Monarch HD is Matrox’s first standalone streamer/recorder appliance.

Aimed to connect to existing video mixers (“switchers”) which don’t already have streaming capabilities (or to connect to a single camera), at NAB 2013 Matrox announced and showed a standalone streamer/recorder appliance. When I say standalone, I mean that in normal operation, no computer is required. The first model is called Monarch HD and offers HDMI input/output. I asked several questions during the demo. Ahead are the answers.

Monarch HD’s video and audio inputs and ouputs

Video input of the first Monarch HD is HDMI. There is an HDMI loop-through output. Eight channels of HDMI embedded audio can be processed and output. Two channels of analog audio input with loop are also available via unbalanced 3.5mm (1/8”) stereo jacks at line level.

Input formats on Matrox Monarch HD

Matrox explained to me that (despite the initial ßeta firmware shown at NAB, which unfortunately only showed integer framerates), the final version will offer standard HD formats on the HDMI input, including 1080/23.976p, 1080/24.000p, 1080/25p, 1080/29.97p, 1080/50i (aka 25i), 1080/59.94i (aka 29.97i), 720/50p, and 720/59.94p. read more...

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