NAB 2013: The TitaniumZ-5 from Small Tree

PVC by Scott Simmons

Need portable network storage for up to 6 editors?

Not everyone in post-production has the need for shared storage and probably even less of those need portable shared storage but if you’re one of those that do look no further than the TitaniumZ–5 from Small Tree. It’s got some impressive specs and an eye-catching, yet useful form factor. It looks like it would be the perfect fit for certain editing situations.

It was hard to miss the Small Tree both as the bright green colors made their NAB booth easy to spot. The TitaniumZ–5 was also hard to miss as the silver and green box sat front and center with the big suitcase-like handle right on top. That handle means it’s designed for portability and at under 25 pounds it’s not going to be too hard to move it from place to place.

There’s 5 drives in the box so it can be stripped into RAID–5 configurations so you can lose a drive without losing all the data. There’s 4 gigabit Ethernet ports so four clients can hook up at once. There’s also a PCI-Express slot where another card could be added such as a 2-port 10-gig Ethernet card or another GbE card so you could have 6 total gig-E connections. All the tech specs are on the Z–5’s webpage.


Here’s the specs of the TitaniumZ–5 right off Small Tree’s data sheet:

  • Up to 15 TB of “usable capacity”
  • Supports 2TB, 3TB and 4TB disks
  • Up to 6 GbE connections
  • Up to 2 10GbE connections
  • Supports Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix as well as most any post-production application you might want to use
  • ZFS, AFP, SMB (CIFS), NFS and iSCSI protocol support (whatever all of that means) read more...
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