NAB 2015: Shawn Lam and Matrox's Dan Maloney discuss the Monarch HDX

Streaming Media's Shawn Lam interviews Dan Malony from Matrox in thier booth at NAB. The new Monarch HDX is the big brother of the award winning Monarch HD. It adds professional features requested by broadcasters including SDI & HDMI I/O, dual encoding, dual recording, and frame synchronization - all for under $2,000!
Streaming Media by Shawn Lam With the Monarch HDX, Maloney continued, Matrox has added "flexibility. It has two encoders like the Monarch HD, but each encoder can be used for streaming or encoding. The Monarch HD had one encoder for streaming and one for encoding. The HDX allows both encoders to be cast as the user sees fit." For example, if users want to use both encoders for recording, he explains, they can assign one to record to a network, and one to record locally. "In the event that the network goes down, you'll have a copy of what you recorded locally. Should you want to record at a high bitrate of, say, 25Mbps for editing, you could have a proxy recording at a much-lower 3Mbps to ensure you can distribute the raw footage to viewers without them having to download the high quality 25Mbps file. "On the streaming side," Maloney continued, "you can use both of those encoders to stream to primary and backup servers... If the primary server goes down, your second encoder is sending the stream to the secondary server. Your audience will never miss a beat. Alternatively, you can use those two encoders to encode at different bitrates... say, one that's suitable for network availability with wired connections, at say, 5Mbps HD, and maybe you'd encode another one at sub-1Mbps for some type of 3G or 4G distribution." read more...

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