NAB 2015: Shawn Lam and Topher Delancy discuss the Teradek VidiU Pro

Just before NAB Teradk introduced the Teradek VidiU Pro. The big brother of the award winnign and best selling VidiU, the Pro adds several professional features. We got the chance to see thier new cellular binding technology ShareLink at the show, and we agree it's going to be a game changer. If you've ot cell coverage you can bond up to four cellphones, from the same or different carriers, to deliver all the bandwidth you need for remote video streaming.
Streaming Media by Shawn Lam But the biggest innovation, Delancy said, "is it now has bonding." Usinfg Teradek's ShareLink bonding technology, users can combine the uplink capability of up to 4 smartphones, or use Ethernet, a USB dongle, or any combination of 4 network interfaces, mixed and matched at the user's discretion, to create a more robust link to the web. "If one of them drops out," Delancy added, "you've still got 3 backups running to keep your feed strong." read more...

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