Videoguys' NAB 2016 Wrap-up: Shared Storage systems from Avid, G-Technology and ProMAX

NAB 2016 Shared Storage

Join Us As We Discuss One of the Hot Topics at the NAB Show

Shared storage is the workflow that Hollywood and the networks use. It allows multiple users to access, share and collaborate on the same media.

The shared storage solutions we are about to show you from Avid, G-Technology and ProMAX are perfect for small workgroups editing with any combination of Adobe Premiere, FCPX and Avid, allowing Mac & windows editors to collaborate together. If you require a local dealer who can install, set-up and train your staff on how to implement and use shared storage we have dealers that we can refer you to. Call us to learn more about that.
Avid Nexis | PRO
  • The Next Generation of Intelligent Storage is a New and Improved shared storage system which is software configurable and flexible.
  • Nexis Pro is delivering over 300+ MegaBytes per second throughput. It's actually closer to 400 then 300.
  • Perfect for Avid, Adobe, Apple and all other editing systems
  • Nexis Pro is a single media pack with 10 2TB drives and 2 SSDs giving you 20TB of raw storage.
  • By storing the metadata on SSDs and the video files on the hard disk RAID Avid solves one of the biggest performance issues facing shared storage. Now you can optimize the RAID for the large media files while allowing the SSDs to do what they do best, handle all those small metadata files.
  • You can combine up to 4 Nexis Pros together for a total of 80TB
Avid_NEXIS_PRO_3Qtr_Left Avid NEXIS | Pro $ 13,995.00
GRACKcropped G-Technology G-Rack 12 Starting at: $ 13,995.00
G-Technology G-RACK 12
  • High performance NAS leveraging G-Tech's purchasing advantage for enterprise class drives allowing them to deliver massive drive arrays at thelowest price per terabyte in the industry.
  • Flexible 12 bay chassis starting at Starting at $16,999.95 for the 48TB model and topping out at $33,999 for the 120TB model
  • Optional expansion chassis for adding up to another 120TB
ProMax Platform
  • From Ingest to Archive ProMax platform is more than just shared storage, it's an integrated workflow enhancement. With a single simple interface to not only manage your storage, but to log your metadata during ingest and archive your footage.
  • Groundbreaking integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Starts with Platform Portable 100 at $6,995
Promax_Blog_041916 ProMAX Platform Starting at: $ 6,995.00

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