NAB 2018: G-Tech Thunderbolt 3 SSD Storage Solutions

At NAB 2018 G-Technology unveiled three new products to make working with 4k and 8k simpler. The G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD, with speeds up to 2800MB/s is meant for use on the go and allows you to plug into a compatible computer and expand your storage without the need for external power. The G-Drive Pro SSD with a maximum speed of 2800MB/s and the ability to add up to five addition devices through a single connection. And the last product announced was the G-Speed shuttle SSD, a high performance solid-state storage device perfect for easy travel between on-site productions locations and the studio. From Intended to make working with 4K and 8K faster and easier, Western Digital’s G-Technology has announced three new, very fast SSD enclosures meant to allow end users to edit ultra-high definition video in real time. Boasting massive drive space, Thunderbolt 3 ports and transfer speeds up to 2800 MB/s, these three SSD storage solutions should lessen the headache of working with the most demanding video resolutions. G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD First up is the G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD. As its name implies, this SSD is designed for on-the-go use and, as such, is more durable than its siblings. As a solid state, it is already more resistant to drops and falls compared to its hard drive competitors and its rugged casing makes it even more impervious to minor damages. Like the other new SSD models, the G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD uses a Thunderbolt 3 port to maximize transfer more

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