NAB 2023: Get Your Head In The Cloud

Bob Kovacs from TVTechnology recently posted an article about how exhibitors at the NAB show will showcase new technology to advance remote production. The industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and tools being developed and introduced every year. Some of the latest trends in broadcast and cinema production include virtual production, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud-based workflows, and remote collaboration tools. These advancements are enabling content creators to work faster, more efficiently and with greater creative flexibility than ever before.

At the 2023 NAB Show, April 15-19, there will be something old and something new. One of the latest technologies is the use of “volumes” to provide hyper-realistic backgrounds for live and cinema production. The following is a sample of new production gear that will be shown in Las Vegas next month. 

Knocking Down Barriers

Pixotope's Graphics XR Edition is designed to simplify the setup and operation of LED volumes in virtual production workflows. LED volumes are becoming increasingly popular for creating immersive and realistic environments for live and recorded productions, but they can be technically complex and expensive to set up and operate.

Pixotope's Graphics XR Edition aims to reduce the technical complexities and associated resource costs of XR (extended reality) workflows and environments by providing a range of tools that simplify setup and operation. These tools include a real-time compositor, which allows users to preview and manipulate virtual environments in real time, as well as a range of pre-built templates and assets that can be customized to fit specific production needs.

By simplifying the setup and operation of LED volumes, Pixotope's Graphics XR Edition can help to make virtual production workflows more accessible and cost-effective for a wider range of productions, from small-scale events to large-scale productions.

The use of LED volumes and virtual production workflows is a rapidly evolving field, and solutions like Pixotope's Graphics XR Edition are helping to drive innovation and make these technologies more accessible to a wider range of users.

“With XR Edition, Pixotope is knocking down a major barrier to virtual production adoption by addressing the challenges that have previously made it difficult to leverage XR outside of major blockbuster productions. It effectively removes the need for proprietary hardware, bringing users an off-the-shelf XR solution that enables bigger, better stories with greater ease.” -David Dowling, chief revenue officer of Pixotope

Blackmagic Design's line of network storage solutions, including the Cloud Store, Cloud Store Mini, and Cloud Pod, are designed to allow users to share media files between multiple users on a global scale. These devices provide a centralized storage solution for media files, allowing users to access and share files from anywhere in the world.

One of the key features of these network storage solutions is their ability to understand proxy workflows. This means that users can share entire timelines and their associated media files in just a matter of minutes, with responsiveness similar to a directly connected drive. This can be a game-changer for productions that require collaboration between multiple teams or remote workers, as it eliminates the need for physical media transfers or complicated file sharing systems.

In addition, Blackmagic Design's network storage solutions are designed to be easy to set up and use, with intuitive interfaces that allow users to quickly and easily manage their media files. The devices also come with a range of advanced features, such as automatic backup and redundant storage options, to help ensure that media files are always safe and secure.

Blackmagic Design's line of network storage solutions is a powerful tool for media production teams, allowing them to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on a global scale. With their advanced features and easy-to-use interfaces, these devices are likely to become an essential part of many media production workflows in the years to come.

"We noticed how other storage solutions on the market didn’t offer the performance needed by the feature film and TV industry, so we took it upon ourselves to build something for our customers that’s not only fast but also reliable, portable and accessible in terms of costs. The resulting Cloud Store, Cloud Store Mini and Cloud Pod are easy to set up and use, while providing secure access to media files globally with syncing and sharing media via Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing users from around the world to collaborate.” -Bob Caniglia, director of sales operations for the Americas at Blackmagic Design

Open Architecture

At the NAB Show, Panasonic will be showcasing the next-generation Kairos Core 200 and Kairos Core 2000 mainframes. These mainframes offer improved functionality and performance, including a greater number of inputs and outputs, improved video-processing performance, and enhanced file-storage capacity. These improvements make the Kairos platform even more powerful and capable, allowing users to handle even more complex and demanding live production workflows. One of the key benefits of the Kairos platform is its flexibility. With an open architecture and a software-based approach, users can customize the platform to suit their specific production needs. This can include adding new features, integrating with third-party devices, or adapting the platform to work with new types of content or workflows.

Avid will be on hand to demonstrate its Maestro suite of graphics design and production tools for broadcasters. Avid's Maestro suite of graphics design and production tools is a comprehensive solution for broadcasters who need to create engaging and dynamic on-screen content. Maestro provides a range of tools and tightly integrated workflows to help broadcasters create everything from news tickers and data-driven visuals to interactive and augmented reality content. One of the key benefits of the Maestro suite is its versatility. The tools within the suite can be used to create a wide range of content types, from simple lower-thirds and tickers to complex augmented reality experiences. This means that broadcasters can use Maestro to create content that fits their specific needs and engages their audience in a unique and compelling way.

LiveU is a provider of live video streaming and production solutions, and at the NAB Show 2023, they will be showcasing their latest offerings focused on flexible workflows, including remote/decentralized production, and cloud-based management and distribution. One of the key benefits of LiveU's solutions is their ability to deliver high-quality, dynamic live content from anywhere, even in challenging environments. With their low-latency, high-quality transmission protocols, LiveU's solutions enable broadcasters and content creators to stream live video from remote locations, including sports events, concerts, and breaking news situations. In addition, LiveU will be showcasing their latest 5G offerings and cloud-based solutions, which take advantage of the speed and reliability of 5G networks to deliver even faster and more reliable live video streaming. These solutions are designed to be highly flexible and customizable, allowing users to tailor them to their specific needs and workflows.

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