NAB: Bluefish444's Craige Mott

PostPerspective by Randi Altman

During the NAB show in Las Vegas, Bluefish444, makers of uncompressed SDI video cards, announced support of the new Assimilate Scratch Version 8. Thanks to some collaborative engineering, Bluefish allows 4K SDI preview and up to 4K 60p with its Epoch 4K Supernova and the Epoch 4K Supernova S+ (pictured) cards.

According to managing director Craige Mott, who we spoke to at our postPerspective booth, in the past, with Assimilate Scratch and Bluefish cards, you were limited to 4K 24p, but now you can work in 4K 48fps, 50fps, 59fps and 60fps.

“We also go to 4K 12-bit SDI 24fps,” says Mott of their cards, adding that 12-bit SDI is a thing of the future, especially on the heels of Dolby’s Dolby Vision. “We are there early supporting their 4K grading monitors for color correction.” read more...

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