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Stduio Monthly First-Person Advice Studio MonthlyWhere will it lead us? HD everything, tapeless workflows, Blu-ray vs. HD DVD distribution, bigger and badder SANs — where will it all lead us? To NAB 2006 in Vegas, of course. HD-related products will be in more booths than ever at NAB this year. Now that HD is really here, with available products at affordable prices, the bigger shift to a complete HD workflow is, for many, finally possible. And the tools that help you get there are some of the best you can invest in right now. But HD is just one of the many hot topics that our editors and contributing experts see in your future. From the extinction of CRTs to the emergence of the video iPod, changing workflows and distribution methods could either beef up your bottom line or reinvent your entire business plan— and do both, if you’re strategic about who you talk to and what you buy (or simply preview) at the show. read more...

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