NAB in Review: Postproduction Sector Breaks Down Walls

SVG by Jason Dachman

The show floor at last month’s NAB Show in Las Vegas was chock-full of postproduction tools that promise to change the way features and highlights editors function in the field and at home. Established NLE (non-linear editing) vendors like Adobe and Avid highlighted new cloud-based workflows that would allow remote-production teams to more easily collaborate and share content with their home bases, and an army of upstarts (Aframe, Epoch, and many others) showcased potentially game-changing cloud-based solutions of their own.

Whether called Anywhere (Adobe) or Everywhere (Avid), the message at NAB 2013 was clear: live-sports-production teams are no longer bound by the four walls of a broadcast center or the fences of a truck compound. Today’s editors and producers want access to as much content as possible, regardless of whether that media is stored locally or in the cloud. And, judging by the offerings on the show floor, postproduction vendors are ready to cater to those demands.

“What is happening in live production — especially sports — with the workflows necessary to facilitate remote collaboration with [broadcast centers] is very intriguing,” says Jeff Rosica, who joined Avid as SVP of worldwide field operations in January. “How we can all strive to create very powerful file-based workflows at remote locations is going to be key. ”

Major broadcasters —ESPN (X Games), NBC Sports (London 2012 Olympics), Fox Sports (NFL on Fox), and many others — have begun using file-based workflows to push content back and forth between productions in the field and their broadcast center at home. File-based editing platforms like Adobe Anywhere and Avid Interplay Sphere promise to eliminate location and connectivity barriers, cutting costs and increasing creative freedom for content producers.

Avid Everywhere Takes Interplay Sphere to Next Level
At NAB 2012, Avid introduced its cloud-based Interplay Sphere platform, which promised to break down the walls for journalists and video editors by allowing them to acquire, access, edit, and finish stories from anywhere. This year, the company took it a step further, unveiling its “Avid Everywhere” strategy, which aims to allow producers to work in any production environment using a variety of Avid tools. read more...

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