NAB Interview: Teradek's Michael Gailing on the Teradek Serv

Streaming Medai by Shawn Lam

Almost Live with Streaming Media reports from NAB 2014 with a first look at Teradek's Serv, a new HD/SD, multi-feed, low-latency monitoring device.

Streaming Media Producer contributing editor Shawn Lam met with Teradek Director of Marketing Michael Gailing at NAB 2014 to discuss the latest addition to Teradek's offerings: the Serv, a new monitoring device introduced last week at NAB.

Unlike the Cube, which has helped establish the company's reputation as an industry-leading provider of portable wireless streaming devices, "The Serv is purely a monitoring device, although it does take one of the best features of the Cube, iOS and Android monitoring," Gailing says. "It supports up to 10 simultaneous iOS or Android connections--iPhones, Nexus 7 tablets, Galaxy Pro tablets--and can pull up any video camera's live video feed on the screen at only 4 frames latency, in either 720p or 480p. We did standard-definition because a lot of the older models can't support high-def at low-latency. It now passes audio, so all the streams can receive it in full sync, and it can be used with TeraCentral or the new TeraView application, which now allows you to see up to 4 Cube or Serv feeds at the same time." read more...

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