NAB --- It’s about our customers

By Simon Hayhurst, Sr. Director of Product Management Dynamic Media - Adobe Adobe RebateIt seems that everyone has a question for me about NAB these days ..... usually “Is Adobe still going to NAB ?†. The answer is simple --- Absolutely ! The reason is also simple --- it’s all about our customers. The opportunity to connect with over 100,000 customers and partners, share our thoughts on the business and hear their needs makes NAB the single most productive (and exhausting !) week in our year. The broadcast industry is changing fast .... there are new technologies, new business models, new opportunities, and new challenges in every part of our customers businesses and workflows. We come out of NAB with new ideas and insights into where we can innovate to help our customers succeed --- a critical set of decisions when the industry is moving so fast. Our customers come out of NAB with new ideas about how they can make a rapidly changing industry less of a challenge, and more of an opportunity. They get a chance to see our technolgy in detail, and get their questions answered about how it fits in their workflows. They also get the chance to have their voice heard, to literally help shape the future of the tools they use and depend on every day. read more...Â

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