NAB Report: Shared Storage & The Cloud

b2f60677-02b3-42bf-8e23-fb5e9ad5382bShared storage can range from small local workgroups, to the entire enterprise. With the cloud you can even expand to multiple locations and users all over the globe. With all this storage you also need media management tools that enable yo to find the files you need quickly. In this article Tom Coughlin, a widely respected storage analyst and consultant reports back ont ehmajor trends for Production HUB.
ProductionHUB by Tom Coughlin Shared storage that spans location and time is becoming increasingly common in modern digital media workflows. Cloud storage in data centers fills this role and it is finding many applications in media and entertainment from post production to content delivery and archiving. By 2019 Coughlin Associates estimates that Cloud storage for media and entertainment will generate over $1 B in revenue (2014 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report). This article will look at some developments in cloud storage and moving content on the Internet from the 2015 NAB show.

Imagine Communication was collaborating with Cisco to demonstrate the next generation of IP play-out and hybrid IP facilities. Imagine’s Zenium workflow manager and VersioCloud platform are certified to run on Cisco’s Unified Computing System. At earlier shows, such as the HPA retreat earlier in 2015, the company was showing (with Fox) demonstrations of an all IP workflow. In discussions with the company it appeared that they see growth in on-line DVR services that the company plans to address. In addition to Cisco Microsoft was at their booth with a preview of the Azure Media Services Premium Encoder. read more...

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