NAB Show 2009 Through My Ears, Eyes, and Sore Feet, Part 1

millimeter by Jan Ozer

I spent four days at NAB last month, and this month I’ll describe what I learned in the key areas that I follow. In the first installment, I’ll describe camcorders and the editing market; in the second batch encoding, disc reproduction, and that all-important “other” category. Note that I didn’t meet with every company in every space, so my goal isn’t to be comprehensive. Rather, I’ll pass along what I learned and saw, and when appropriate, direct you to other resources to complete the picture. (Check out my blog posts from the show.)

The NLE Market Let’s work in alphabetical order here, starting with Adobe, which previewed a collaborative scriptwriting program called Adobe Story that will debut in “CSNext,” no date announced or implied during my interview.

Why a screenwriting program? Because most serious productions have a screenplay that contains the dialog and descriptive information about scene location and the associated action. Scripts in Adobe Story get converted to metadata that Adobe can use all the way through to the Flash Player to help content owners make their videos more accessible to viewers and to help monetize the content. read more...

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