NAB Special Report 2009: The Year of Magical Thinking

Studio Monthly by Beth Marchant and Jessica Clegg

There’s no sense wallowing in it. Times are tough all over. More than likely, your clients haven’t all dried up and business is decent, if not good. Even if you’ve closed one shop, you’re ready for round two. After all, you’ve still got a lot more content in you and a vision to serve. Work in a bigger facility? Bet you’re doing a whole lot more with a whole lot less following that last round of layoffs. Isn’t it about time you invested (or convinced your boss to invest) in tools that make your life easier?

From the advance details we’ve received from manufacturers about products releasing at NAB 2009, this is a very good year to be upgrading your equipment. Companies know these are tough times and that potentially fewer qualified buyers will be in Las Vegas this year. But those who attend will be rewarded. The initial list prices on many of the options described below are already ground breaking. And many of these hardware and software tools are now shipping and may be available for much less during booth promotions at the show itself. Some of this gear might even give you Q-Branch, MI6 style and 007 cred, from the inflatable in-flight camera bag to kits with Swiss Army knife-like features. Salivating yet? read more...

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