NAB Stories: Five Industry Insiders on What They’re Looking For at NAB 2013

Studiodaily by Bryant Frazer

With NAB just around the corner, anticipation is running high. Attendees are going to hit the convention grounds running, scouring the halls for gear and gadgets that will extend their flexibility and efficiency on location, in post, and during playback. If it's the year of 4K, we're going to need to see some affordable high-quality display solutions. If it's the year of the cloud, we're going to need to learn more about reliable bandwidth for uploading all of our footage, no matter where we find ourselves working. New innovations are sure to raise new questions even as they answer existing ones.
We're not looking to predict what tech trends will come out on top when the dust settles after NAB, but we did reach out to a highly unscientific sampling of showgoers — post tech executives, an independent filmmaker, and a self-described rebel from Red Digital Cinema — to find out what they're expecting, and what they're hoping to get out of the show.
Jason Diamond
The Diamond Brothers
What are you looking for at NAB?
It's hard to know what's real these days at NAB. You have companies that announced products at the last NAB who still haven't shipped them at this NAB. I don't consider it vaporware, because I genuinely believe the companies want to deliver these products, but it throws a weird pall over it when you get pumped about something and you say, "I can't wait for this — but I have no confidence that it will be ready." I know NAB is sort of a car show proof-of-concept event for certain products, but we've started going in with a grain-of-salt attitude. read more...

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