NAB2007 - ADS Tech’s New Broadcast Division Sets the Pace in Distribution Amplifiers with New Triple-rate 4-Port Solution

Delivers Future-proof Support for 3 Gb/sec. and Backward Compatibility to SD and HD-SDI Pyro AV 3G14DAPYRO ® AV, the new Broadcast Solutions Division of ADS Tech, announced at NAB today the 3G14DA Triple-rate 4-port Distribution Amplifier (DA). The 3G14DA is the first product in PYRO AV’s new 3G family of solutions for broadcast and professional media producers. The 3G distribution amplifier will be showcased this week at the ADS Tech/PYRO AV NAB Booth #SL7910. By designing in triple-rate convenience, PYRO AV provides their 3G DA customers with backward compatibility and support for SD-SDI (270 Mb/sec.) and HD-SDI (1.5 Gb/sec.) in addition to 3 Gb./sec data rates. “This means you’re future-proofed,† said Mike McCoy, president of ADS Tech. “You may not be running 3 Gb/sec. today, but you probably will in the future. Your investment in the 3G14DA ensures the highest quality for today’s SD/HD-SDI projects and compatibility for tomorrow.† The 3G14DA supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p 60 over a single coax cable. To enhance productivity, it automatically detects the signal speed and resolution of the incoming video signal and distributes pristine broadcast-quality video over the four output ports without having to adjust dip switches or user settings. Individual “signal present† LED’s display the locked SDI rate (270 MB, 1.5 Gb/sec and 3 Gb/sec.). In addition to providing cable equalization to restore SDI signals with data rates ranging from 143 MB/sec. to 2.97 Gb/sec.over a 70 â„ ¦ coax cable, the 3G14DA is designed to recover the embedded clock, re-time the clock signal and remove high-frequency jitter from SMPTE 424M, 292M and 259M-c compliant digital video signals. The signal is then output through high-quality cable drivers for each output port to ensure SMPTE-compliant SDI video output up to 2.97 Gb/sec. Featuring a streamlined low-profile design (about 4†x3†x1†), the PYRO AV 3G Distribution Amplifier is protected by an exceptionally rugged cast aluminum enclosure with steel end plates. With the steel locking power connector outside and the solid-state circuitry inside, this device is designed to last a lifetime in the studio or on the road. PYRO AV’s 3G14DA Triple-rate 4-port Distribution Amplifier will be available in May. Ready to use right out of the box, the 3G Distribution Amplifier includes a 5 VDC Power Supply with a Locking Connector as well as Velcro strips and rack mounting screws for easy mounting, and a user guide. Like all of ADS Tech PYRO AV brand solutions, the 3G Distribution Amplifier is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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