NAB2007 - New Features for Matrox MXO Announced

Matrox MXOMatrox ® Video Products Group today announced that the Matrox MXOâ„ ¢ 2.0 release will be demonstrated at NAB 2007 in booth SL2015. “We listened to our customers and added important new functionality to MXO that will truly eliminate the need for Final Cut Pro users to invest in expensive HD monitors,† said Wayne Andrews, Matrox MXO product manager. “DVI monitor calibration, super black and super white support, one-to-one pixel mapping and the other features we’ve added in release 2.0 make Matrox MXO a must-have for video editors on the Mac. Apple Cinema Displays or other DVI monitors can now be used reliably for monitoring detailed editing work, even color grading.† New features in the Matrox MXO 2.0 release include: †¢ DVI monitor calibration – hue, chroma, contrast, brightness, and blue-only adjustments †¢ Super black and super white monitoring on the DVI display †¢ Pixel-to-pixel mapping on the DVI display †¢ “Virtual bezel† on the DVI display †¢ New HD editing resolutions – 1080p at 23.98, 25, and 29.97 fps; and 720p at 25 and 50 fps †¢ New DVI output resolution – 1024x768 at 59.94 fps †¢ Region of interest output selection in Presentation Mode †¢ Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 support †¢ “Leopard† support Key features of Matrox MXO †¢ Inexpensive HD monitoring †¢ Frame-accurate, broadcast-quality HD/SD output †¢ Realtime HD to SD downscaling †¢ WYSIWYG video output from QuickTime-based applications †¢ Flicker-free video output of computer desktop †¢ Portable, hot-swappable versatility Click here to buy the Matrox MXO now with FREE Noise Industries FxFactory Editing

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