NDI 6 Beta Testing Has Started

In a recent blog post from NDI, Nick Mariette lets us know that the beta testing phase for NDI 6, a game-changing update to their cutting-edge technology. In recent months, the team has diligently tested stand-alone features, focusing on HDR support and elevated remote connectivity. Following successful internal validation, the NDI team has partnered with industry giants, including Epiphan, Kiloview, Magewell, Matrox, and Vizrt, to actively test the integration of the NDI 6 within both existing and new products.

As the testing journey unfolds, the NDI team is strategically phasing in releases to ensure the delivery of stable SDKs, contributing to enhanced connected experiences within their expansive product ecosystem. The first exclusive beta version of NDI 6 has been distributed to select partners, with a highly anticipated public beta version slated for release before the close of Q1 2024. This public release will be open for testing by an extended community of product developers, available upon request.

Highlighting the immense value of the NDI Beta program, the team underscores its collaborative essence. By involving hardware developers in beta-testing the Core Technology, NDI provides early access to partners eager to integrate NDI into their products, actively seeking and incorporating valuable feedback for continuous refinement. Launched earlier this year, the NDI Beta program serves as a dynamic space for the community of product developers to rigorously test NDI technology in real-world application scenarios.

This iterative process empowers developers to gain firsthand experience, ensuring that the updated NDI SDK seamlessly integrates and enhances the end-user experience in media workflows. Ultimately, the NDI Beta program plays a pivotal role in shaping a robust, reliable, and universally adaptable technology, aligning with the evolving needs of diverse segments where NDI is deployed. Stay tuned for the latest advancements in NDI 6, as we redefine the future of multimedia integration.

“We are primarily going to be targeting NDI 6 for a next-generation product that we are working on. Epiphan is excited about the ability to capture and decode much higher-quality video from NDI cameras. This is going to enable our customers to use our products to encode, record, and stream using much higher color depth than is currently possible, giving them greater flexibility in post-production by allowing for more accurate color grading and correction.” -Yusupha Touray, Director of Product, Epiphan

“NDI 6 represents an important evolution format, allowing Matrox to provide both Broadcast and Live Event industries with very interesting solutions to tackle on-prem and cloud-based video Infrastructure challenges.” -Dan Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager, Matrox

“Our strategy involves a dual approach. Existing products will receive updates to seamlessly support HDR, ensuring our users experience the benefits of NDI 6. Simultaneously, we are actively developing new products that embrace the cutting-edge remote connectivity features enabled by NDI 6, allowing the users to route sources anytime, anywhere, and record effortlessly.” -Judy Zuo, Vice General Manager, Kiloview

“NDI has always wowed users with continuous innovation, and with HDR support, NDI 6 promises, yet again, to bring significant change to the ecosystem. This addition will give content creators amazing new ways to tell their stories. For Vizrt, this advancement allows us to expand our NDI portfolio products to truly get the most out of this technology. We’re excited about how NDI 6 will continue to enhance Vizrt products and solutions, and we’re sure our users will be too.” -Christopher McLendon, Senior Product Manager, Vizrt

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