NDI Announces Daniel Nergård as New President

NDI has recently appointed Daniel Nergård as its new president, marking a significant move for the company's expansion plans. In his new role, Nergård is expected to lead the team in harnessing the growth of NDI and extending its reach to more industry-leading companies, devices, and software applications. This comes at a time when the community of NDI users is steadily increasing, indicating a growing adoption of NDI in various segments.

Nergård brings valuable experience to his new position, having previously served as the chief revenue officer of Vizrt and being part of the management team. His background includes roles in general management and leading commercial initiatives across diverse software segments, ranging from fintech and mobile applications to infrastructure and enterprise software.

The announcement emphasizes NDI's leading position in video connectivity technology, with flexibility and ease of use becoming the standard in the industries they serve. Nergård expresses excitement about leading the team into the next phase and envisions a significant expansion into diverse devices and market segments. This expansion is driven by the increasing demand from partners and the user community, with a commitment to investing in and supporting valued partners and users within the expanding ecosystem remaining a top priority for NDI.

NDI states that Nergård's leadership is aligned with the company's strategic vision to scale its presence among major partners, product manufacturers, and Cloud Service Providers. The current ecosystem, boasting millions of users, includes over 700 NDI-enabled hardware products and 300-plus software applications. In 2023, NDI witnessed remarkable acceleration, experiencing a 130% surge in the number of new NDI Advanced licensees. With Nergård's extensive background, the company expects to further increase the rate of adoption and expand NDI's technology capabilities, contributing to the continued success of the company.

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