NDI-Based Master Control in action

NewTek's NDI technology is a key ingredient to stepping up your live production studio. This has been demonstrated by VTC Digital Media, who have integrated NDI into their production studio in a big way!

VTC Television is always prioritizing staying ahead- and NDI is one of the best ways to stay future proofed, and keep your productions on the cutting edge.  

NDI offers VTC's customers high level productions at an affordable price.  In one case, an ambitious news and information reporting station in Vietnam is relying on NDI to cut down the amount of cables, and make their production setup easier- for the quickest spread of information!

“If you build a TV station the traditional way, your MCR will have a lot of cabling coming in from pretty much all the sources in a station.  Compared with a typical production room, where you might have ten to twelve sources, and need maybe a 16 x 16 router, he says, “in MCR you’re talking about 3 studios, a few other NLE stations, newsrooms, sound rooms. All of the cables from all of the sources in all of those rooms have to come to MCR.”

-Dr. Diệu. VTC Television

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