NDI Bridge will Enable Remote Workflows with NDI 5

NDI 5 is a gateway to a new level of remote workflows in the live streaming arena. With features like NDI Bridge, the video world will be more connected than ever, and live streamers now have a ton of potential power for their workflow.

Redsharknews.com recently posted a great article detailing some of the finer points concerning this feature of NDI 5.  We're taking a look at some of the key pieces of this article, below. 

NDI 5 is sure to be a game changer when it comes to IP production as it lifts NDI from being restricted to LAN, and elevates it to where NDI Networks can communicate with each other- from anywhere!

"What NDI has done with NDI 5 is build its own bridge. Called, pragmatically enough, NDI Bridge, it enables users to securely share NDI sources between remote sites wherever they may be using what the company promises is a simple and secure network setup. NDI Bridge, therefore, handles all the complexity of remote sources on a truly potentially global scale, while still working with alpha channel, KVM, PTZs, tally, metadata, and all the rest of the bells and the whistles it brings to the table."

This will surely be fascinating to see how live streamers take advantage of this technology, and how it will bring the live streaming community together with better ways to perform live productions.  

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.


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