NDI Converters Product Spotlight

NDI Converters allow you to add any HDMI or SDI video sources to your network.

Check out our Product Spotlight on NDI Converters, Below.

The NewTek Connect Spark Plus family starts at just $399 and is available in 3 models: HDMI 4K to NDI, and two I/O models that encode and decode available in either the Spark Plus I/O 4K HDMI at $895 or Spark Plus I/O SDI for $795.

The BirdDog NDI converters start with the Flex family available in 3 HDMI models – your choice just $399. The Flex Out is an NDI to HDMI decoder, the Flex In is an HDMI to NDI encoder and the Flex Backpack allows you to power your monitor with the same POE cable as the encoder.

BirdDog also make the Mini and Studio converters with encoder and decoder and BirdDog Comms and a complete family of 4K converters topped off with the 4K Quad for 4 channels of 12G SDI to 4kp60 NDI.

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