NDI Growing Beyond the Local Network with BirdDog Cloud - NDI November 2023

Join us in the final week of NDI November as Jake Fineman, a product specialist at BirdDog, delves into the evolution of NDI beyond local networks using BirdDog Cloud. Learn how BirdDog, the pioneering partner in implementing hardware for NDI, has seamlessly integrated the NDI architecture with SRT and other IP formats, creating a cost-effective and functional Cloud solution for remote IP NDI-based productions.
Discover the holistic platform of BirdDog Cloud, empowering users to effortlessly produce, receive, and distribute content across various devices and operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. Whether you use a TriCaster or other applications, BirdDog Cloud provides easy installation of endpoints to receive and distribute content feeds. Explore the platform's built-in production tools, such as multiview recording, SRT file transfer, remote access, and efficient routing and management of videos and audio.

Throughout the conversation with Jake, witness live demonstrations showcasing BirdDog Cloud's capabilities. Gary interrupts with insightful questions about the technology and its practical applications, adding depth to the discussion. The show concludes with a forward-looking perspective on future endpoints and how they will further enhance the capabilities of BirdDog Cloud.

Don't miss this engaging episode where NDI and BirdDog Cloud redefine industry standards for remote video production. Stay tuned for Thursday's show featuring the inventor of NDI, Dr. Cross, as NDI November wraps up its insightful series. Register now for more in-depth discussions on the advancements and success stories of NDI in content creation and broadcasting.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE:

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