NDI Infrastructure with Glen Seaman & Netgear for NDI November

For today's Videoguys Live NDI November Webinar, we are joined by Workflow Specialist Glen Seaman, to discuss Netgear switches and why they make the perfect backbone to any NDI workflow. 

Check out our webinar on NDI Infrastructure Below: 

Videoguys and NDI​:

  • If you are building an NDI Production System then you need the proper infrastructure to support it. 
  • Most NDI issues are network / switch related
  • Videoguys.com is your source for the NDI production systems including the TriCaster Mini 4K from NewTek, PTZ Cameras from NewTek, PTZOpticsBirdDogEpiphan & Panasonic and now the Pro AV Switches from Netgear

How Do NETGEAR Switches Support NDI?

NETGEAR Adds Unique NDI® Profile to M4250 AV Line of Switches:

  • Engineered for 1G AV over IP and designed for clean integration in a rack, under a table, or behind a display
  • Include a unique NDI® 4 and 5 profiles already configured for you
  • Models with PoE+ and Ultra 90 PoE++ allow powering of cameras, endpoints, and more. 
  • Built with NETGEAR IGMP Plus™, Auto-LAG, and Auto-Trunk for true out-of-the-box functionality – even with multiple switches.

NDI with these NETGEAR Switches will be at Home in These Workflows:

  • Houses of worship
  • Corporate A/V
  • Sports Production
  • Education
  • And more.... 

Check out this workflow demonstration from Glen, on how to setup your Netgear switch:

Check out these workflow Diagrams on which switch fits with which Gear!

AV Line M4250-10G2F-PoE+ (GSM4212P):

AV Line M4250-10G2XF-PoE++ (GSM4212UX)​:

AV Line M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ (GSM4212PX):

Check out some use cases for Netgear M4250 Switches with V-Lan's:


There are more than 11 switches available in the Netgear AV4250 Line-up 

Call us at 800-323-2325 for help selecting the right model for your NDI installation.

  1. 24x1G PoE+ 300W 2x1G and 4xSFP 
    Managed Switch
    GSM4230P $999 MSRP
  2. 24x1G PoE+ 480W 2x1G and 4xSFP+ 
    Managed Switch
    GSM4230PX $1,399.99 MSRP
  3. 24x1G PoE++ 1,440W 2x1G and 4xSFP 
    Managed Switch
    GSM4230UP $1,999.99 MSRP

Why Should you Upgrade your switch to Netgear? 

  1. Replace your existing network switch with more capability
  2. Add more network ports to your switch for even more devices
  3. Use your Netgear switch to power your entire studio environment

NDI Production Bundle with  NETGEAR, BirdDog, and Wirecast Gear

Check out our streaming bundle HERE.

  • 2x BirdDog Eyes P100: $1,499 (x2)
  • BirdDog Eyes P200: $2,799
  • BirdDog Keyboard: $1,599
  • Telestream Wirecast Gear 420: $8,995
  • Netgear GSM4212P: $799.99

Total Value: $17,190.99
Bundle Price: $15,587
Total Savings: $1,603.99

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Register for NDI November HERE.

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