NDI November 2023 | Week 1

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Week 1

Tuesday, October 31st at 3pm ET NDI Keynote Welcome
Join us for an exciting kick-off to NDI November with our 'NDI Keynote Address' from Tonia Maffeo of NDI. We're setting the stage for a month filled with innovation and insights. Tonia will delve into the transformative power of NDI technology, sharing success stories, the latest developments, and the future prospects of NDI. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or simply curious about NDI's impact, this keynote will inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities NDI offers in content creation and live production.

Wednesday, November 1st at 3pm ET What is NDI and how is it used today and in the future?
Dive deep into NDI, the Network Device Interface, in this enlightening webinar. Whether you're new to NDI or looking to deepen your understanding, we'll unravel the technology's inner workings and showcase its diverse applications, from live streaming and broadcasting to corporate collaborations and education. Gain insights into NDI's potential for tomorrow's innovations and discover how this versatile IP-based technology is shaping the future of communication and content creation.


Thursday, November 2nd at 3pm ET How does NDI help with live productions in my House of Worship?
Explore the transformative impact of NDI on House of Worship live productions in this insightful webinar. Discover how NDI simplifies the integration of audio and video sources, eliminates cable clutter, and enhances the quality of worship services. Uncover practical applications of NDI-enabled devices, such as flexible camera placement and remote control, all while enriching the worship experience for congregants and online viewers.

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