NDI November 2023 | Week 3 NDI Bridge, NDI in the classrooms & more!

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Week 3

Tuesday, November 14th at 3pm ET How has NDI Grown beyond the local network to enable remote production?
Explore NDI's evolution beyond local networks, empowering remote production. Discover how NDI revolutionizes content capture, transmission, and production from anywhere. From remote camera feeds to collaborative live events, learn how NDI bridges physical distances, enabling efficient and cost-effective remote production. Dive into the latest advancements and success stories, uncovering NDI's potential in content creation and broadcasting.

Wednesday, November 15th at 3pm ET How can I use NDI in my classroom, department, or across my campus?
Unlock the transformative potential of NDI technology in education during our webinar. Explore seamless collaboration, content sharing, and interactive learning experiences across classrooms, departments, and campuses. Discover practical applications, success stories, and best practices to enhance teaching, engage students, and streamline campus-wide communication. Whether you're an educator, IT administrator, or campus leader you can harness the full potential of NDI in education.

Thursday, November 16th at 3pm ET How is NDI enabling broadcast quality productions across my office?
Explore NDI's impact on office environments in this webinar. Discover how NDI facilitates high-definition video and audio transmission, seamless collaboration, and professional content creation within office spaces. Transform meetings, presentations, and internal communication into engaging experiences with NDI-enabled devices and software. Elevate office production standards, foster better engagement, and enhance the impact of your messages across the organization.

Thursday, November 16th at 3:30pm ET NDI November Closing Remarks with Dr. Andrew Cross, Creator of NDI
Join us for the NDI November Closing Remarks webinar featuring Dr. Andrew Cross, the visionary creator of NDI technology. Dr. Cross will reflect on the key highlights, innovations, and industry trends discussed throughout NDI November. Gain insights into the transformative power of NDI in the world of digital media, production, and broadcasting. Hear from the pioneering mind behind NDI as he provides valuable takeaways and sets the stage for the future of video technology. 


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