NDI & ST2110 Evolve and Push the TRAJECTORY OF IP VIDEO

Discover the dynamic world of IP video technologies through David Davies' comprehensive blog post on IBC365. Uncover the nuances between NDI and ST 2110, exploring their market trajectories, differences, and future outlooks. Stay informed about the evolving landscape of IP-based media and make informed decisions in this rapidly changing domain.

In this insightful exploration, Davies chronicles the emergence of NDI in 2015, alongside the foundational TR-03 and TR-04 technical recommendations that paved the way for the SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite's publication in 2017. The blog meticulously dissects the distinctions between NDI and ST 2110, elucidating their diverse approaches to data transmission, deployment characteristics, and cost implications. While ST 2110 gained early traction with its emphasis on uncompressed video quality, NDI found favor for its compressed capabilities, leading to its adoption in various user environments, from broadcasters to educational setups.

Industry experts, including Anupama Anantharaman from Interra Systems and Tricia Justice from Harmonic, contribute valuable insights into the bandwidth disparities and benefits associated with ST 2110 and NDI. The blog underscores ST 2110's edge as a standardized suite, fostering interoperability and compatibility across diverse equipment. It sheds light on the different market trajectories of NDI and ST 2110, with NDI flourishing in smaller studio workflows and ST 2110 securing its position in major broadcast centers.

As the industry evolves, the blog explores the recent surge in NDI adoption, attributed to factors such as product availability and the increased demand for remote production during the pandemic. The article anticipates the future of IP-based media, with ST 2110's accelerated adoption expected, particularly in broadcasting, live video streaming, and professional production. Industry leaders share their perspectives on the evolving landscape, emphasizing the dynamic nature of technology and the potential for increased convergence.

In conclusion, Davies' blog post serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone navigating the IP video landscape. Whether you're a broadcaster, content creator, or industry enthusiast, the insights provided equip you with the knowledge needed to stay ahead in this ever-changing domain. Embrace the future with informed decisions, ensuring you remain at the forefront of media connectivity and transportation trends.

Read the full blog post by David Davies for IBC365 HERE

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