NDI System Integrator Spotlight with Key Code Media

NDI November continues with another great spotlight on a prominent NDI System Integrator.  Today's NDI Spotlight is on Key Code Media.  Daniel Dauphin from Key Code joins Jim to discuss how Key Code uses NDI, some interesting NDI case studies, and what will be the role of NDI in the future. 

Check out the spotlight, below:

Who are Key Code Media?

"Key Code Media is the preferred resource for audiovisual equipment, installation, and aftermarket support. We approach complex projects with a high-touch customer service focus, ensuring equipment is delivered, installed, and adopted by a customer successfully. Our solutions include: A/V (Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Video Walls, Collaborative Offices, City Council Chambers), Broadcast (Comm Systems, Flypacks, OB Truck, and Control Rooms), Production (Audio Suites, Video Edit Suites, and Networking)." 
-Key Code Media

Key Code has nine locations nationwide, and they can be reached at 818-303-3900.  Their website is www.keycodemedia.com

What are recent trends Key Code is seeing in NDI Installs? 

Is it mostly schools, sports, city governments, churches, broadcasters, or all of the above? 

​It is all of the above.  David confirms that not a day goes by at Key Code where he doesn't see NDI in some capacity in all kinds of workflows. 

What are unique applications Key Code is seeing put to use?

One of the most recent and interesting examples is NDI making its way into the remote arena at a time when remote production is absolutely essential.  This of course includes the brand new NDI Bridge, which Key Code uses to control and demo their TriCaster System in Texas, all the way from California.  

What types of challenges do customers need to think about when adopting NDI?

Is the challenge with network configuration, internet connectivity, and IT departments? 

Users of NDI must understand the network requirements that come along with the number of NDI sources they are sending, and to which destination they are sending them.  This includes camera and switcher outputs, as well as sources from a post environment.  One service Key Code offers is a bandwidth estimation to help chose the best switch for each production.  

What considerations do customers need to put more emphasis on when trying to be successful with NDI? 

When it comes to NDI, a good network switch is the backbone of your production.  Key Code understand this, and works with their customers to select the biggest and most powerful switch they can put in place within the customers budget requirements.  This ensures systems that work well for the long term. 

What are your top NDI Tools that customers are using the most?

​One major new NDI Tool that has generated a ton of interest is NDI Bridge, as well as NDI remote, which will open up the world of remote production at a whole new level.  Many Key Code customers are also utilizing NDI for their post production workflows with Avid and Adobe Plug ins.

Another essential element to any NDI production is NDI studio monitor, the best way to monitor all of your NDI feeds to see exactly what is being broadcast over NDI.  NDI test patterns also fits into this workflow for NDI users to be able to see what color, and sound is being sent via their NDI connection. 

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