NDI System Integrator Spotlight with Visua

Visua is an audio/video integration firm that focuses mainly in the area of sports production. For NDI November, Jim was joined by Visua's General Manager Matt Baker to walk through what they do, and who benefits most by utilizing NDI Technology in their sports productions. 

Minor Leagues

Minor League Baseball has been hit hard by the pandemic. As Matt explains, many teams were left in limbo until recently when they needed to hit the ground running with their live streams and presentations. 

NDI has made this extremely easy. "We had to do a lot of installs within 30 days," said Matt. "We were able to do an install in 2-3 days (with NDI) which before would take a week or two." 

Milwaukee Milkmen Baseball Team

10 days before opening day, the Milwaukee Milkmen Baseball Team reached out to Visua to figure out a way to live stream their games. Visua was quickly able to install a TC1, PTZ cameras, and more utilizing NDI technology and also their previous equipment creating a great mixture of analog and NDI connections. 

Here, Matt gives some great pointers as to how NDI productions can lead to more sponsorships and a better show to either bring in more people to the stadium, or have & hold more viewers online. 

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp

This small team did not have a stadium. They took an already existing baseball field and turned it into their own. But they needed to put together a show. Visua helped install a PTZ camera in a dugout, two other cameras using NDI converters and now they have a 3 camera fully produced show! Their cameras are running POE meaning only one Cat 6 ethernet cable making everyone's lives easier. 

The Future of NDI

Matt is super stoked to see how NDI will help the virtual signage area of video production. How can temas get their information from display to display to display via NDI, which is entirely possible with simply being over the network! 

"We're in the heat of building new baseball stadiums," said Matt. "We are really building and designing a lot of this around NDI."

Learn more about Visua by visiting their website here!

Learn more about NDI November here!

You can also call us at 800-323-2325 and we can help you find a local dealer/integrator for these systems. 

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